Privacy, Security and Confidentiality

The Greenleaf Center adheres to strict confidential policies.  We understand that genuine trust cannot be established between you and your therapist without the understanding that what is discussed will be held in confidence and complete respect.  For this reason, your personal information will not be release without your expressed written consent.


"Limits of Confidentiality"

As clinicians we are guided by ethical considerations for your safety and that of others. As such, we are also required by state law to release only the minimal information necessary to report any known or suspected child or elder abuse.  For your protection and care we are also obligated to do whatever we reasonably can, including breaking confidentiality, if you present as a harm to yourself or others. Together, these exceptions to confidentiality are known as the "limits of confidentiality" which all ethical therapists abide by.

Paper-less Office

Unlike other offices, our office maintains a paper-less office, also known as electronic health records (EHR).  All clinical notes are kept by your therapists and are password protected and digitally signed, prohibiting any alteration once submitted.  Only YOUR therapist has access to your clinical information.  Our front office staff only has access to scheduling, billing information and consent forms.

Only your initially signed consent forms and basic demographic and insurance information is maintained in paper form and is kept securely under lock and key.

Added Security

For your added security, all our clinical records are backed-up electronically on a daily basis under ultra-secure (SSL) 128-bit encryption.

Our records are maintained and HIPPA compliant.